Best Rubber Ice Cube Trays Easy to use in All Seasons


  • Each cube large in size
  • 100% food-grade silicone
  • Keep drinks cool for a longer time due to its large size
  • Round and square shape
  • Cubes large than standard size
  • Easy to release
  • Easy to wash
  • Capacity to make 6 ice cubes, 1 cube sufficient for 1 glass


Rubber ice cube trays are the product of exceptional silicone, pleasant to be used of meals objects. those ice cubes will no longer have an effect on your fitness. Rubber ice cube trays are a hundred% BPA loose and smooth to clean. these trays also are washable within the dishwasher.

these ice cubes because of massive length maintain beverages cool for a long time compared to beaten or small ice cubes. large ice dice trays are to be had in many shapes, on the whole humans like spherical ball shapes and rectangular shape ice cubes. large ice cubes offer a very best appearance to drinks and maintain beverages cool for a longer time.

its bendy cloth gives an easy to release ice cubes. simply push from the lowest and the ice dice may be out of the mould. each tray offers 6 cubes at a time and  1 dice is enough for 1 glass. those cubes are larger than the usual dice length. fine for lake events due to huge in length.

to make spherical ice cubes, attach each facet of the tray together after which fill with water from the hollow. those round cubes trays can also be full of the assist of a funnel to keep time. to make square ice cubes, fill with water, and put it within the fridge. these trays will make sold ice cubes. Best rubber ice cube trays are perfect to chill whiskey, cocktails, tequila, vodka, and other beverages. these trays are also suitable to make flavoured ice cubes, ice chocolates, cold espresso bars, and many other items that you need to freeze in these shapes. those temperature resistance trays can also be used inside the microwave.

every so often you experience a little smell of silicone so simply easy the tray with purifier and sock in hot water for two hours. after that positioned tray in open-air about 20 min then its smell will pass and the tray can be prepared to use.

  • Best large size ice cubes
  • will keep drinks cool for a longer time
  • 1 cube enough to chill 1 glass
  • No lid with square shape tray, square cubes may absorb the odor of the refrigerator
  • Flexible trays may be difficult to take from sink to fridge, chances to spill water

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